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Custom Computers

Here at RACC Enterprises our techs can build you the perfect PC to meet your needs. You tell us your budget, what the PC is required to do and we'll take it from there! No ridiculous shipping and handling charges, no waiting 3 weeks or longer for your PC to arrive, no expensive proprietary parts, and LOCAL service! Depending on what you require, typically you'll have your PC within a week of ordering it!

Pick your case.

Lighted Case
Rack Mount Chassis
 Slim Line Case

How fast do you want it?

How much storage do you want?

Do you want special graphics or sound?

How about some fancy things and lights?

We order it, assemble it, and you get it when it's ready to use.

Computer Repair

Here at RACC Enterprises we are proud to say that we provide the BEST repair services around! Whether you need a simple tune-up, hardware upgrade, or a complete overhaul, our techs can do it all! Have a virus, malware, or other type of infection? Computer slow? Need more space or speed? We can even rescue data from corrupted storage devices that you thought you had lost for good!

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PC Tune-up (includes virus removal, speed increase, hardware testing, software updates, decluttering your drive and more!)
Backing up storage devices
Data Rescue
TBD by amount of data and severity of curruption
Insurance Quotes
Hardware Upgrade
TBD by hardware requested + $90.00 per hr installation
$120.00 if all drivers are supplied or $20 addittional for each driver required.
Hardware Repair
TBD by hardware requested + $90.00 per hr installation
Diagnosis of problems w/o repair
Phone Support

New Service

Tablet Screen Replacement
TBD based on the replacement screen cost + $90.00 per hr