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System Failure

We can not diagnose all problems over the phone. You will need to bring your computer in if you want us to correctly diagnose or repair it.

If your machine won't boot, won't turn off, freezes randomly, or reboots without warning you may have some serious issues.

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  1. Ensure your PC is recieving power.
  2. System failures are commonly caused by a corrupt OS, other corrupt software, or malfunctioning hardware. Make a note of what happened immediatly prior to the failure, write down any error messages.
  3. Try a system restore. If your system creates restore points periodically, try "rolling back" your machine to one of these points. Something may have become corrupted between then and now. Unless it is a hardware issue, there is a good chance this will fix it.
  4. Scan for virus's/spyware/malware. These are intended to cause you grief and harm your computer. The trick is to avoid them, or if infected remove them before they can cause too much damange.
  5. Check your drivers, ensure they are up to date.
  6. Remove/uninstall any new software or hardware if the problem started shortly after installation.
  7. A reinstallation of your OS may be be the best/cheapest fix for any OS corruption, unless you are comfortable with this, it is recommended you bring it in to us.
  8. If it sounds like the guy on the right, unplug it and get it here fast!

NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU ARE GROUNDED if you open up the case to your machine. The static electricity generated from your body can severly damage and even destroy your hardware!

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