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We can not diagnose software problems over the phone. You will need to bring your computer in if you want us to diagnose or repair it correctly.

If your software will not install, freezes unexpectedly, or takes a long time to load, follow these general steps.

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  1. Ensure that your PC meets or exceeds the software minimum requirements. Be aware that PC's that barely meet the requirments are more prone to having issues.
  2. Ensure your software is compatible with your Operating System. For example, if you are using Windows 7, make sure the software will run on it. Most software has the minimum requirments as supported Operating Systems stated clearly on the box or in the documentation.
  3. Close all programs you are not using, even if you aren't utilizing a program, if it is open, it is still using your computers resources resulting in a slower PC, or making other programs unable to open.
  4. Make sure your hard drive has enough space. It is recommended that at least 10% of your hard drive should still be unused after installing new software, this ensures optimum perfomance and reduces the chance of programs freezing or crashing.Ice Breaker Mackinaw
  5. Uninstall any programs that you do not use or need on your pc. Reducing the clutter on your machine will increase performance of your software. To correctly uninstall software varies by operating system, but generally speaking you can find a service called programs and features in your control panel. This may also be labeled as add/remove software.
  6. Scan for virus's/spyware/malware. Malicious software can cause all sorts of problems for a pc, ranging from software issues, to total system failure.

Error messages may arise. Please write the entire message error down, including the number.

Just because the PC is giving you an issue, it does not necessarily mean it will give our techs an issue. Writing down the error will save our techs time on diagnosing the issue, and keep more money in your pocket.

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