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Hardware Troubleshooting

We can not diagnose all problems over the phone. You will need to bring your computer in if you want us to correctly diagnose or repair it.

Caution: If you do not feel comfortable troubleshooting hardware DO NOT attempt to troubleshoot. If you open up the case to your machine MAKE SURE YOU ARE GROUNDED! Static electricity generated from your body can damage or destroy your hardware!

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  1. If it is a new piece of hardware that is not functioning, make sure it is installed properly according to the instructions that came with the hardware. All cables are connected and ensuring the device powers up are the first things to check.
  2. Verify the hardware is turned on.
  3. Look for error messages, either that pop up during normal usage, or if the dreaded "blue screen of death" apears. WRITE THESE DOWN! This will help us diagnose the issue if the message doesn't immediately appear when we are working on your machine.
  4. Install or reinstall drivers. Drivers are small software packages that tell your operating system information about the hardware. If the drivers are not present, or are corrupt, your hardware won't work efficiently, if at all. Drivers should be included with the hardware upon purchase. Apileated Woodpecker
  5. Reboot your system. Sometimes your machine will simply get "confused" and need to be restarted. A lot of the time this will fix the issue
  6. Listen to your machine. Much like a car, if it doesn't sound quite right, there is most likely something wrong. If it sounds like this guy on the right, unplug it and get it here fast!

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