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Custom Built Computers

Here at RACC Enterprises our techs can build you the perfect PC to meet your needs. You tell us your budget, what the PC is required to do and we'll take it from there! No ridiculous shipping and handling charges, no waiting 3 weeks or longer for your PC to arrive, no expensive proprietary parts, and LOCAL service! Depending on what you require, typically you'll have your PC within a week of ordering it!

Pick your Chassis. (That's just a fancy word for case.)

Red CaseRack Mount Blue Fan CasePlain Black CaseMulti-Light Case

Pick your processing power.

Celeron ProcessorHigh Class RamMother BoardRamPentium Processor

Pick how much storage you need.

Blue 3.5 Hard Drive Red 3.5 Hard Drive

Need special gaming graphics or sound?

Sound CardGraphics Card

Want some fancy do-dads?

Want to add some lights?

Multi-Color LightsPurple Case FanGreen LED StripLight Up Heat SinkCase Lighting

We order it, assemble it, and you get it when it's all ready to use.

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